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Mermaid Vegan Perfume Oil

Mermaid Perfume Oil - a fresh clean scent of lavender and sea salt.

I love perfumes but I don't like it when they fade too quickly. Most perfumes are used with an alcohol base which evaporates much too fast. My perfume is blended with coconut oil, which not only lasts much longer then spray perfumes but it goes on silky smooth and blends in quickly. It is not at all oily or greasy feeling on your skin.

These are packaged in roll-on bottles and are the perfect size to keep in your purse or desk, or to give to someone as a sweet little gift.

Listing is for 1(one) 7ml bottle of perfume oil in a roll-on tube. To use, roll on pulse points such as your neck or wrists. This is the perfect size to carry with you in your purse.

Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance oil

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Palmer
My signature scent!

This oil smells amazing, I get co many compliments on it, it is perfect! Everyone thinks that it is a natural smell bc it isn't "perfumey", I am on my 3rd roller and cannot live without it!

Pisces Dream!

The salty scent was more dominate on me which made it really refreshing. The lavender was subtle on me. I wore this down the shore and truly felt like the Pisces Mermaid I am!

Lina Dutky
Fresh, Clean Scent That is Slightly Addictive

I love this scent and have bought several perfume rollerballs. It is very fresh and clean and does remind me of the sea.

Mandy DeFelice
Customer for life!

This stuff is amazing! Smells amazing and I can feel safe and good about using these products! Ty so much! Customer for life!

Customer Reviews

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