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Summer Witch Vegan Perfume

Summer Witch Perfume Oil

SCENT   a delicious blend of patchouli, tonka absolute, labdanum, with grapefruit and anise.

SCENT TYPE   sultry/herbal     Scent strength: Medium

DESCRIPTION  15ml glass perfume bottle.  Artisan perfume handmade in small batches. Vegan and cruelty free.

INSTRUCTIONS:   dab on pulse points.  

INGREDIENTS:  Fractionated organic coconut oil, phthalate free fragrance oil (may include essential oils, absolutes, botanicals)

Customer Reviews

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Parker Nicholls

My friend picked up the body spray version of this perfume and I looked it up immediately! This scent is an almost perfect match to Rentless by Lush which was discontinued. I will continue to buy this scent! Thank you so much!

The best scent

This is my signature scent now!! Perfect strength, lasts a long time. I got the witch scent sampler and this was my favorite, though all were good. Ordered a bottle of summer witch and faerie, recieved them today. Both are divine! Please never stop making these awesome scents!

Jenifer Szmyd
My favorite

I’d bathe in this if I could. I get so many compliments on it. I carry one in my purse, keep one in my jacket pocket at work, and one at home. If you ever stop making this, I will be devastated!!!

Summer Vibes Roadtrip

This scent instantly brings to mind long summer roadtrips, making periods stops at every little hippy roadside shop along the way (you know the ones the sell tons of inscense, crystals, dreamcatchers, tye dye clothing, etc). Definitely must love the smell of patchouli lol. It probably won't be one of my signature summer scents, but definitely one I enjoy periodically!

**and surprisingly I strangely pick up on pine notes which can sometimes make this weirdly a wintery scent too lol **

Must love patchouli

Saw a bunch of great reviews for this scent on Etsy. My husband likes it. Heck, even my dogs like it. Me? I'm not used to it yet. I don't think I really like patchouli all that much. I think I'll keep trying it for a few more times, and if I still don't like this I'll give it to a friend.

Customer Reviews

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